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Italy in brief, 4th July 09 destination Malaysia. 12th July straight to Lucca from Roma.
Post jet lag, fell in love with the city, made friends, found an apartment and visited the beach at Viareggio a number of times thanks to Bella and her gorgeous family during a relentless 8 weeks of 33C average.
Pisa and Firenze were a short train ride away and then, the stunning Cinque Terre, which we all want to visit again. Rome eventually called me back and was as beautiful as ever seemingly unchanged after 20 years (I’m sure not!) and the Milano visit with our family reside was a lovely and welcome repose after a long hot summer. School and some major adjustments, work and the development of social networks has made Lucca an easy, warm and inspiring place to live, walk and ride. The wall provides a social place to exercise and get a higher perspective on things.
Genoa made a brief appearance as an attractive port city but whoa Venezia just takes your breath away especially if you manage to get a water taxi with a speed freak at the helm.
I have learnt a few things like; how to use skype! Techno dinosaur that I am. That it’s possible to wear high heels and a mini dress on a moped and still look stylish, nightclubbing can be a family affair, “Heroes?can be played out of a Kombi van and still sound cool, sticker trading at elementary school can override cultural and language barriers and bicycles can almost be ridden in any weather (including -5C) at anytime of the night in any state of mind reasonably safely.
Christmas and New Year will be here in Lucca, maybe with more snow. Photos are finally going up from NYE til now. There are a few omissions like Festa della Donna (International Women’s Day) and all concerned will be grateful given how the evening progressed and ended including full throttle karaoke!

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